If you’re looking to buy a suit, there are many things you need to know.

For example, you’ve got to identify the right fit for your body type, the style of suit you should go for, and the type of cut that will look best on you. One of the most important choices you will have to make when buying a suit is regarding the color. That’s what we’re going to be discussing in this article.

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Pink suit color
Formal Colors

Black, grey, and navy are the trifecta of professional suit colors. These are by far the most conservative colors, and they are recognized by any professional institution to be the most acceptable attire in any formal business setting. We will go into more detail of each of these colors down below:

// Black

A black suit is the most classic look you can ever get out of a suit, as that’s what many people recognize as the professional standard. You can wear them to either a night or a day event. It is also suited for just about any level of formality outside of a black-tie event. You will need a tuxedo for that, which will be discussed at another time.

// Grey

Grey is considered to be slightly less formal than black, but that also comes with a great benefit. Grey suits are by far the most flexible suit you can ask for, especially darker charcoal greys. They have been worn by many celebrities and influential people around the world on some of the world’s biggest stages. If it’s okay for those people to wear them to those events, why wouldn’t it be okay for you to get all dressed up in a set?

// Navy

Navy blue is the least formal between the three colors, but it’s considered a highly formal color regardless. It’s also the most stylish color among the three, as it’s the newest addition to the trio. Since navy suits are less formal, they can be worn in any style you want. If you’re looking for a more casual attire to wear to your cousin’s semi-formal afternoon tea party, a navy blue blazer, white shirt with khakis, and a good pair of loafers is an entirely acceptable look!

// Brown

On the formality spectrum, brown is teetering between formal and casual wear. If you go and ask someone if they think that a brown suit is formal wear, you will most likely get a mixed bag of results. This doesn’t mean that they should be turned off from brown, though, as it’s still a great color choice for an everyday suit. If you’re looking for an attire that you can wear to a semi-formal social gathering and to work, the brown suit is the way to go.

As a side note, keep in mind that the lighter the suit, the less formal it becomes. If you’re not sure to what event you will need your brown suit, it’s a better idea to stick to darker shades of browns like walnut or espresso than a lighter tan.

Novelty Colors

Novelty colors are the perfect choice for those who are looking to spice themselves up at a casual event. Burgundies might be passed off as brown if the shade isn’t too bright. You might be able to get away with wearing a darker shade of burgundy to an event where you would consider wearing a brown suit. The same can’t be said about green, though. If you’re not a winning golfer, there are not that many events where a green jacket gets a pass. For other bold colors such as white or red, it’s best to keep them only as casual wear. They should never be considered as an attire of choice for anyone who’s looking to attend an event that’s anything but casual unless you get a pass from the host.


The color choices for your suit will depend on what you need it for above all else. Sure, the look is essential, but if the suit you have isn’t appropriate for the event you’re planning to go to, then there’s no point to it. Wearing an appropriate attire to a formal event is considered an insult to the host and the venue, and that will leave a bad image on yourself. By learning the different color combinations and the types of events that they are deemed acceptable in, you will be able to maintain the best looks and a high level of professionalism.


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