We are always striving for a healthier body and a slimmer figure.

However, we love to put off hitting the gym and opting for a good slice of pizza instead. Some of us care about our health, and others just want to look good. If you haven't yet reached your dream body goal, there are always ways to dress so that you look slimmer.



The Material of Your Suit

You want to pick neutral material that will not exaggerate your shape. Therefore, stay away from bold, crazy colours. If you want patterns, opt for pinstripe or herringbone, as they will compliment your silhouette by making you look elongated, giving a slimming effect. You will want a more lightweight material because heavier materials may add bulk that will broaden your frame.




My tailoring is about style and craftsmanship, at Park Lane tailors every garment is well made with a perfect fit and finish.

– Roger Davies

Colour Tones on Suits

You will want to stick to classic, dark colours like black, navy, and charcoal. Darker colours will have a slimming effect. You can add little accents of colours, but make sure they’re dark as well. If you want red, get a burgundy or wine colour. For green, stick to forest green or dark army green to add a bit of contrast. You do not want too much contrast, but a little bit can flatter your overall look. A bold change in colour may shorten or widen you, whereas similar colours will take attention away from your muffin top while also lengthening your torso.



It's All About The Fit

Baggy clothes will not be flattering to a larger body. If you want to look slimmer, you want to look for more fitted clothing, rather than baggier clothing. The perfect fit will balance out your body size. Anything too loose or too tight will be unflattering. That’s why so many people opt for custom-made clothing. A classic bespoke suit is made to fit its owner like a glove.



Individual Style

You want to add a little personal touch to your suit. A three-piece is usually slimming and adding a waistcoat is a great way to add a little more style into it. Pick colours and patterns that you like. Select a tie or pocket square that adds to your overall look. This is a great way to put a touch of “you” into your outfit.


Your Suit Jacket

The jacket style for a slimmer look is the one- or two-buttoned, single-breasted jacket. Because this jacket will be fastened over your love handles, it will draw in your waist, making you appear slimmer.



Perfect Pants

Flat-fronted pants work best for bigger thighs. Pleats are a great look but are more appealing when they are worn higher. You want to make sure your pants look natural on your waistline and not restraining. You will want a fitted cut with a taper down the leg. Lastly, try to avoid wearing a belt.


If you’re looking for a bespoke tailor in Bangkok, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help create the perfect a suit that fits well & looks great.


'A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.'

– Hardy Amies