How to Distinguish a Well-Tailored Suit From a Ready-to-Wear Suit

Everyone knows that made-to-measure or bespoke suits are superior to off-the-rack suits in so many ways.

Other than getting a suit that was made specifically just for you, you can enjoy a quality that is far superior to what you usually find in cheap retail stores! This article will tell you how to distinguish between a tailored suit and a cheap suit in terms of their quality.

1. The Quality of Fabrics

One of the most obvious differences between bespoke suits and off-the-rack suits is fabric quality. Made-to-measure and bespoke suits are all made from natural fabrics, usually with wool for the outer layer and the finest silk for the lining. In contrast, ready-to-wear suits are typically made from lower-quality synthetic fabrics.

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Well Tailored Suit
2. The Lining

Along with the interior jacket, the entire garment of a bespoke suit will be lined. This means that you can expect to see some lining in the pockets and in the trousers as well.

4. The Lapels and the Chest Area

The fit around the lapel and chest area is another quality that can separate a cheap suit from a high-quality suit. When you button your jacket, the lapels shouldn’t bulge outwards to suggest that the fit is poor. With a custom-tailored suit, you can be assured that your suit jacket will sit perfectly flat against your shape without any bulging. Also, the lapels should never be pressed into sharp folds as that would suggest low quality.

5. The Collar

Other than the shoulders and the lapel area, the fit around the collar should be perfect as well. If you go for a tailored suit, you can be sure that you won’t find any folds or gap between the collar and the neck. Rather, you can expect to find a smooth and pressed collar on a bespoke suit. Moreover, if you lift the collar on a quality suit, you will see that it is sealed neatly to the garment, indicating quality. When putting an off-the-rack suit and a bespoke suit side by side, you can see the difference in hand-sewn stitches and machine-sewn stitches.


In Conclusion

These are only a few distinguishing qualities that tell you why a made-to-measure or a bespoke suit is a much better choice as opposed to an off-the-rack suit. If you’re looking for a new favorite suit that will be worth the investment, you should really consider getting yourself a custom-tailored suit!


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